About The Skelton Project

What is the Skelton Project?
The Skelton Project is a body of reference on Skelton studies and provides information on the sociocultural, historical, and contextual background of John Skelton’s English works.

The Skelton Project started as a self-organised module within the Research Master Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies at the University of Groningen.

Who are the Skelton Project?
The Skelton Project are three former students of the Research Master Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies at the University of Groningen. During the first year of their Research MA programme, the three students discovered their common interest in Middle English literature which they wanted to realise further. The Webmaisters of the Skelton Project are:

Hiske Feenstra
During her BA, Hiske started specialising in medieval English literature. Within her research, she has a wide range of interests from Old English to medieval drama. She also has an interest in the culture and history of premodern England. She has edited the medical manual Liber Trotuli for her Master’s dissertation. She received her MA in 2014.

Floor Kuiper
Already early on in her studies, Floor decided to specialise in medieval literature. During her MA, her focus changed to late medieval and, especially, early modern literature. Her interests are medieval drama and the theatre of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. She received her MA in 2015, after completing her dissertation on comparative research into English and Dutch plays from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Nadine Kuipers
Ever since Nadine made the switch to medieval studies after her BA, she developed a strong interest in medieval literature and book history. In 2014 she received her MA cum laude after finishing her dissertation on the development of English husbandry books between 1200 and 1600. As of February 2015, Nadine is working on a PhD project called Medieval Husbandry Books in Manuscript and Print. More information can be found on The Husbandry Book Blog.

Who is the Skelton Project for?
The Skelton Project is developed for a wide-ranging audience with particular aim at undergraduate students. The website provides online Middle English editions for all of Skelton’s English poems with elaborate glosses in modern English. Each edition, moreover, is equipped with detailed explanatory notes containing scholarly information about the poems.

The Skelton Project wishes to express their thanks to:

Prof. Sebastian Sobecki, professor of premodern English literature and culture, who supervised our project from the beginning and helped us get John Skelton to go viral.
Dr. Hans Jansen, lecturer at the University of Groningen, who kindly lent his voice to our official promo video.
– Creative director and artist Dorien Koelemeijer, for introducing us to the madness of HTML and CSS.