The Skelton Project’s edited poems

This is an overview of background articles on John Skelton’s English poems.

     Against Dundas                                              Against Venemous Tongues
     Agaynste a Comely Coystrowne                      Agenst Garnesche
     Agaynst the Scottes                                         A Ballade of the Scottysshe Kynge
     The Bowge of Courte                                      Calliope
     Collyn Clout                                                    Contra Alium Cantitantem
     A Couplet on Wolsey’s Dissolution                 Dyvers Balettys and Dyties Solacyous
     Elynour Rummynge                                        Epitaphe
     Garlande or Chapelet of Laurell                      Howe the Douty Duke Of Albany
     A Lawde and Prayse                                        Magnyfycence
     Manerly Margery Mylk and Ale                       Phyllyp Sparowe
     A Replycacion                                                 Speke Parott
     Uppon a Deedmans Hed                                Upon the Dolorus Dethe
     Ware the Hawke                                             Why Come Ye Nat to Courte?
     Womanhod, Wanton, Ye Want!