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The poem occurs in one manuscript witness: London, British Library Addit. 5465 ff. 96v-99, also known as the Fairfax manuscript. The DIMEV notes that the poem was copied onto the last leaf of the manuscript, which was originally left blank. Manerly Margery Mylk and Ale is one of Skelton’s earliest attested poems and Scattergood locates the poem in the 1490s. According to the editor, it follows the structure of a ‘clerk and serving maid ballad’ (390). The music for this ballad was provided by William Cornish and it is written for three voices.

Fancy a bite of Skelton’s poetry?
Read here how one of the Skelton Project’s Webmaisters attempted to recreate John Skelton’s Manerly Margery Mylk and Ale in pie format.