The Skelton Project’s edited poems


On this page you can find the poems that have been edited by The Skelton Project up until this date. Though not all poems have been edited yet, all information pages are available by clicking on the information button above each poem. A full list of background articles is available here.

The Skelton Project’s online editions are based on the edition by Alexander Dyce from 1843, collated with John Scattergood’s 1983 edition.

Glosses and additional explanatory notes are taken from John Skelton: The Complete English Poems (1983) by John Scattergood (SG), The Anchor Book of Sixteenth Century Verse (1974) by Richard Sylvester (S), the Middle English Dictionary (MED), and the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

Use the help button for information about editorial pinciples, abbreviations, and how to read John Skelton’s work.